Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Not Greenwald's Fault

I get tired of the sniping at Greenwald by lefty bloggers who leap like yapping dogs every time he points out Obama administration abuses and/or failures. Seems to me there's a certain shoot-the-messenger tribalism at work in their protests. Barbara O'Brien has opined that those who have been disappointed in Obama's presidency thus far are naifs who had unrealistic expectations of him to begin with. I think that's probably true in some quarters, but I don't think it applies to Greenwald and it doesn't apply at all to the truths that Rude Pundit points out here.

We need a better Democratic Party, and liberals need a much better voice than the one Obama has offered thus far. I don't know how to achieve that except to continue to support better candidates and speak out on issues I care about. I don't think it helps the Democratic Party (or our country) to "punish" them by allowing Republicans to come back into power, though, so for sure I'll be voting for Obama this fall and encouraging other liberals to do the same. Democrats may be hapless and inept - and the system they all participate in is massively corrupt - but Republicans are just fucking insane and they must not be given positions of power in our government.


heydave said...

Pope Santorum frowns upon you!

AnnPW said...

Hey, heydave! Ain't it the truth. I must be doing something right, then!