Saturday, September 11, 2010


Where have I been? Well, like Dr. Leo Marvin in What About Bob? I've been on vacation and, no, I didn't go anywhere and, yes, I could have blogged from home but I just didn't feel like it, okay? And actually, yes, I've been back at work this last week but as is always the case when one goes on vacation, I have been swamped and am still catching up.

Thanks to all of you that sent me lovely birthday wishes! I had a fine day, very low-key, very appropriate for an old biddy such as me who is, as they say, "getting on in years". The wonderful folks at World O'Crap even gave me my own little moment in the spotlight which is about all the thrill this old lady can handle these days.

Besides, the news sucks. There was one item I came across about a week or so ago that was talking about how our Democratic contender for Governor of Texas, Bill White, may actually have a chance to unseat that asshole, Rick Perry, and sure that would be great but I know better than to get my hopes up. Wake me up when it happens, and THEN we'll talk!

Meanwhile, it's 9/11 and I'm quite sure there's some idiot somewhere who is burning a Koran but apparently not the idiot in Florida who has had the entire news media in thrall for the last 2 weeks as he made an embarrassing spectacle of himself and them. But speaking of embarrassing ourselves, Glenn Greenwald pointed us to this excellent editorial from a couple of days ago that says all that needs to be said about the effect that 9/11 has had on us. Read it all.


Julie said...

Ann, I totally missed your birthday!
Happy Belated!

AnnPW said...

Aw, Julie, thanks! How would you know, for Pete's sake! I've been so out of touch. We'll talk soon.