Friday, October 22, 2010

Whiny Juan

Oh good grief. I had the news on for about 2 seconds this morning before I had to turn it off again in disgust because Juan Williams and a parade of idiots were all over the airwaves whining about how wrong it was for NPR for taking his "one little comment" so "out of context" and blah, blah, blah "Should NPR give him his job back? - Well, yes, they should!" Makes me want to throw up.

Firing that asshole was one of the best things NPR has done in recent memory and now if they get rid of Cokie Roberts and quit featuring bloviators from the Heritage Foundation and AEI, I'll consider renewing my membership.

UPDATE: Lawyers, Guns and Money


Freewheel said...

He plays the part of the token Fox News liberal perfectly. "This may surprise you Bill (or Sean), but I agree with you on this one."

AnnPW said...

Hi FW! It's hilarious watching the rightwing high dudgeon over the firing of this jerk. Man, no one can manufacture outrage like these guys.