Friday, August 19, 2011

What he should have said

The reporter in this interview obviously did a fine job of making Rick Perry look like the chump that he is, but then that task isn't too hard:

Here is what I wish the reported had responded instead:

Yes sir, I hear you saying that "abstinence works" but what clearly DOESN'T work is Abstinence Only education as it's currently taught in Texas schools. One wonders why Texas Republicans continue to pour taxpayer money into programs like this with their poor record of effectiveness, especially in light of Republicans' loud support for school "accountability". Perhaps Texas Republicans have a different standard for the term "works" when it comes to teen pregnancy?

The following states have vastly lower rates of teen pregnancy than Texas: (name states here), all of which teach comprehensive sex education in public schools that includes both abstinence and scientifically accurate biological information about human sexuality. If Texans are, in fact, interested in reducing levels of teen pregnancy in their state, would it not make sense to consider a different approach?

Of course, I'm making up that last part because I haven't done the research, so I'm going out on a bit of a limb. But then, research is the reporter's job!


heydave said...

That boy is 5 pounds of stupid shit in a 3 pound bag.
Of course, what he meant to say was "I would like to impose my morals/wish-list/fantasy of what you call abstinence only teaching on the rest of the world, and if they abide by it, then of course it will work.

heydave said...

And I love, love, love the audience guffaws at his first stumbling response. Too bad they were obviously embarrassed by his further floundering to continue. Guess you folks down there don't laugh at retards.

(Yes, I know, but I use that term for a special class of vitriol inciters.)