Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dispatch from Republican Heaven

Known in other (normal) circles as "Hell":

We here in Texas have taken extra steps to making food stamps really hard to get, which can lead to situations like this.

TBogg gives us his inimitable take:
On the plus side, Rachelle Grimmer didn’t abort her kids, no one appears to be gay, and the 2nd Amendment, once again, provided a simple solution to a complex issue. Win-win-win.
By the way, the little girl died early this morning.


Toshtu said...

It is no more difficult to get food assistance in Texas than any other state, it's actually quite easy.

This woman failed to provide the required information, it's not the state's fault she was mentally unstable ad went off the deep end.

AnnPW said...

Actually, Toshtu, I think the state does bear some responsibility for her mental instability. While food assistance may be "quite easy", access to mental health treatment, especially if you are poor, is absolutely not. Texas ranks 49th in the country in mental health services for the poor.

Toshtu said...

Apparently, the state was unaware of her mental problems, there's no evidence she sought help in that regard.

She simply needed to provide the required information, that's all. Why she couldn't or didn't we'll never know, but in no way is this the state of Texas' fault.