Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Edward Hopper

I love this one - it has a decidedly Diebenkorn-ish feel to it!

Birthday greetings also to Alex Trebek, all of 70 years young today! I was going to post a YouTube but the selection was pretty terrible ("Alex Trebek drunk"; "Alex Trebek laughs at contestant"; "Alex Trebek is a jerk"; etc. etc. - good grief, has Trebek been Breitbarted??).


heydave said...

Yay Hopper!
I've grown to love his work, and recently they had a (very) small Hopper exhibition at the Des Moines Art Center.


AnnPW said...

And someone else will be having a birthday in just a few days, je nais c'est pas, heydave?

heydave said...

I'm not sure what you are saying, given my French, but I have a feeling that the response is to be found at the 5:26 mark of

Julie said...

I'm a big Hopper fan too! Like that one on your blog a lot.