Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Steps

So they passed the damn bill. Good. Maybe sometime in the next 50 years we can get a public option, and maybe in another 50 years or so we can get single payer. Hey, and while I'm dreaming, maybe we can manage to get those things without having to throw women's health under the bus.

But if this debacle has a silver lining (and I do believe it has a few) it may be that Bart Stupak gets tossed out on his ear in the next election. I certainly hope so.

UPDATE: Atrios puts it well. It's more good than bad, but we were right to expect better leadership and a better bill. It's small comfort these days to know that a Democratic administration with a Democratic majority in Congress is still better than the same under Republicans, but that's what we have to live with. We really do need to work on getting better Democrats to represent us, reforming the way our politics are financed, and strengthening a progressive movement overall.

UPDATE AGAIN: And, um, yeah.

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