Thursday, March 4, 2010


Bart Stupak is at it again. Apologies to Donna (who, to my knowledge, doesn't even read this blog anymore, but just in case) but any talk of finding "middle ground" with assholes like Stupak is just absurd. I absolutely believe that pro-choicers have given up entirely too much ground on this issue already, and our work needs to be toward reclaiming lost rights rather than finding new ways to "compromise" with evil bastards like Stupak.

It is the Stupaks of this world that have given us conditions like this in Kenya and elsewhere, and who would gladly see such lethal policies put into place here in the US if they could get away with it. And they won't ever quit trying. Ever.

It's also worth remembering that we have Rahm Emmanuel largely to thank for the fact that Stupak holds as much sway as he does on HCR, especially when reading all the undoubtedly Rahm-generated glowing tributes that have been showing up all over The Village. For a reality check on Emmanuel, this by Froomkin reminds us why he was let go by the Post.

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