Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fred's guest blogger

I'm sorry. I imagine that my readers might be tired of hearing about TexasFred, but he's a source of endless entertainment for me. Yesterday, he put up a post which included a picture of its author, presented below for your edification and amusement:

I guess the pipe is supposed to convey gravitas, or something. Comment away!


heydave said...

The pipe connotes drug usage, as evidenced by the thoroughly cavalier fashion sense of a tie on a plaid (flannel?) shirt. The jowly-scowly expression lets you know that he still loves his Casio watch, so fuck you!

AnnPW said...

Very astute analysis, heydave!

I like the Amber Waves of Grain in the background.

heydave said...

That is a Serious Man who has thought things out. STFU!