Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Al!

Today is the birthday of Alfred Hitchcock, a man who got the humor of horror.

You can watch full episodes of his TV show and full features of his films here.

Turns out, Hitch shares his birthday with my friend Gayle, with whom I am having lunch today - Happy Birthday Gayle!


heydave said...

Yay! Many of my Netflix rentals come from the birthday boy!

AnnPW said...

Do you have a favorite, heydave? I don't think I could pick a favorite!

heydave said...

Recently rented Man Who Knew Too Much and thought it was super cool. But yeah, hard to pick one. But it's always fun to keep an eye out for his cameo.

AnnPW said...

Which one?

I like them both. The later one is one of the few Doris Day movies I can actually stand - even though there are times in the movie when I want to smack her, and I could sure do without the Que Sera Sera schtick (even though I cry like an idiot at the end when the little boy whistles it) - Still there is great suspense throughout, and that scene in the taxidermy shop is one of my favorite Hitchcock gems.

But his original 1934 version is great too, and notable for the fact that it is Peter Lorre's first appearance in an English-speaking role.

And I hope you followed it up with Bill Murray's The Man Who Knew Too Little - Priceless!