Thursday, March 12, 2009

It must be done

Note: The letter concludes with a call for what seems to be a draft. For a variety of reasons, I don't support a draft. However, there's a general principle that I think we can all agree on: the elite scum that indiscriminately advocate American aggression should be compelled, daily, to face the consequences of their decisions. We could start on that by bringing the Bush-era war criminals - and Bush himself, of course - to justice. Occasionally, I waver and think, forget punishment, we just need a Truth and Reconciliation Committee. Then I"m reminded, as I was by this letter, of the malicious, sadistic, remorseless murderous intent of these thugs and I know they must, somehow, be brought to account.
UPDATE: As if we needed it, Susan points us to another reason prosecution is desperately needed. Dear God.

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