Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tough Sell

Even in Texas (emphasis mine):
Ashcroft’s appearance was part of a blitz by former Bush administration officials to secure a good legacy for their boss. Both Vice President Cheney and former White House flack Ari Fleischer recently tried to justify the war in Iraq by falsely tying together Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda (again). Loyal Bushies have even started a Bush-Cheney alumni association to “help build a lasting legacy.” Karl Rove, the man behind securing Bush’s reputation, plans to release a book that will “name names” of all the Bush haters.
Yeah, I don't think there is enough paper in the world for a list that size.


Ruth said...

(Waves hand in air) Hey, over here, KKKarl, don't leave me out.

Freewheel said...

How's work going on Bush's "library"?

heydave said...

Ames, Ioway, motherfucker.
Bring that bush luv here and see what it gets you.

AnnPW said...

Ruth, I want to be right up there with you at the top of that list!

Hi FW! - Susan has the latest on the "library". I tell you, I'm ashamed to be a member of the same species as that lying SOB much less a resident of the same state that he calls "home" but if I had any connection at all to SMU I'm not sure I could handle the mortification. I used to think they were a reasonably respectable institution.

Hey heydave! They're idiots, but probably smart enough to stay away from Ames - unfortunately, their target audience is concentrated here in Texas.