Monday, November 16, 2009

Never too early

to think about food! I will be travelling to east Texas with friends this Thanksgiving, to gather at the farm of another mutual friend and we are all excited and talking about food. This year, for the first time, I am responsible for the turkey! No biggie - I've done turkey before, and it's probably the easiest of all the dishes to do (...maybe that's why it's been assigned to me...? Heh, no, actually I volunteered.)

Riding in to work this morning with a co-worker, the subject of turkey-cooking came up, and I heard of a cooking tip that was new to me: Soaking the turkey in a "brine" of salt and sugar for about 24 hrs. prior to cooking. I haven't heard of this before, have any of you? The claim is that this gives the turkey a perfect pitch of moisture and saltiness. I just might give it a try. What goodies are you looking forward to this year? Any recipes to share?


Ruth said...

As long as you have cornbread stuffing you can't go wrong. First turkey I cooked, I didn't know about the giblets bag, cooked it along with the stuffing.

AnnPW said...

uh oh!