Friday, November 6, 2009

"Questions have got to be asked"

And we can count on Fred to ask 'em:
Of course CAIR has condemned the murders. They have to. They can’t risk an angry American populace declaring WAR on every Muslim walking down the street. And I have to say, that WAR is not out of the equation from some of the things I have heard ‘through the grapevine’.

We have to hope that cooler heads prevail, but suppose they don’t? What then? Suppose there was some action taken in retribution by the American people? Has radical Islam not already declared WAR on us? Has radical Islam not already made their intentions VERY clear?

I’m not advocating anything, but the questions have got to be asked. At what point in time do Americans stand and defend this nation in the way it is intended by the 2nd amendment of the U.S. constitution?
Tellingly, Fred never provides any answers to these questions he poses. I guess he's waiting to hear from some of those "cooler heads" he's so very sincerely hoping will prevail. But, amazingly, no "cooler heads" manage to show up in his comments. Instead, here's a sample:
He was a Muslim American by birth. This is from a interview with his cousin. There were ample signs, altercations with others over his pro-Islam talk… someone should have locked him up and processed him OUT. We have enough fine “real American” troops, we don’t need someone who is not there to stand up for and defend America. The more I find out, the more I want to see all Muslims deported.


What CAIR says is irreverent. This guy will be considered a hero to Islam in the Middle East. The news is reporting he’s still alive. It’s too bad he wasn’t sent to his virgins.


Islam has declared war on this country and want to bring the US to its knees while killing as many Americans as possible. Why let them have a free shot at our troops from within. Until the Koran is changed and promotes peace muslims should not be allowed to join the military or any other form of govt service. As for the shooter, when he is executed; bury him with a pig.


I sadly predict there will be more and more terrorist activities in this country and unfortunately BO has made it easier in so many ways for this to happen. Once again, we the people will have a decision to make, whether we want to live in a constant state of terror, not knowing if we and our families will be safe from these random acts of violence, or if we are going to take a stand against those who have sworn to kill us and transform our nation into an Islamic state under Sharia Law. The war is no longer in the middle east, the war is here in our country and we can now longer deny it. I’m sure the media will try to portray this as an “isolated” incident and not that of a jihadist, but the facts don’t bear that out. When you add up all the “isolated incidents” what you get is an organized movement that acts with intent and forethought. I for one believe the old adage “the best defense is a good offense”.


If our government don’t have the balls to send them back to where they came from………hey!! no problem, they can be buried right here ….in pig pens. Bring back the vigilantes
and start burning the mosques first.
And on and on - you get the idea.


heydave said...

Wow, Fred is an idiot, his friends are equally dim, AND his mother dresses him in a funny hat!

AnnPW said...

I'm surrounded by idiots. A coworker at the desk next to mine said to me just a little while ago if I had heard about the shooting today in Orlando, and isn't it AWFUL and what is going ON?? Then she said, And did you notice the ethnicity of the shooter at Ft. Hood? and I said, Yes I did, and that I noticed the ethnicity of the shooter in Orlando too: He's Hispanic. Oh, she said, and turned around and went back to work.

capmconnundrum said...

Fred is truly a vile creature.

Ruth said...

Reagan on Medicare: it would be the end of our freedoms.

Amazing the similarity in truly dumb arguments against the public interest.