Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Holiday

I am back, and slogging through all my emails which is likely to take me the better part of the day. My holiday weekend was wonderful: we ate like kings and drank like peasants. We played croquet, bocce, dominoes, Scrabble, and went for walks and drives in the country. We went and tasted wine and toured the facility at this lovely vineyard which was right up the road. I mostly avoided any newspapers or news shows on TV - though the Sunday bobbleheads were on in the background, I tried not to listen. Hope all of you had spendid times with your families and/or loved ones, and thanks to all of you who left me well-wishes! Now it's time to get serious about Christmas....

Regular (well, regular for me) blogging will resume shortly - which is to say, when I feel like it. Meanwhile, wish a Happy Birthday to Dick Clark

and Mark Twain, who said, among other things, "Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.":

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