Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What would motivate me

Oh gag. I am surrounded by rightwingers at work and one of them (who is a very sweet girl, really, and sits at the desk right next to me) got all excited this morning and was chattering on and on about how unbelievably AWESOME it would be to attend this and she generously sent me email all about it.

I told her, in my most diplomatic voice possible, that the only way I would ever spend money to see George W. Bush would be the on the occasion of his sorry ass being dragged up in front of a war crimes tribunal at the Hague. That I would pay to see.

UPDATE (In case I wasn't clear): The only thing that chimp-faced felon GWB motivates in me is my upchuck reflex.


Ruth said...

Pathetic all around.

Freewheel said...

Fortunately, I'm already highly motivated. I'll do whatever is necessary to avoid having to listen to another Bush speech.

heydave said...

I just realized that Terry Bradshaw would be there also!

Yeah, that asshat is one major reason, but only one, for there are so many, that I mute the teevee and choose instead to scream at the football "pundits" as they blather on at half time shows.

Being openminded, I share this love even at games that do not feature the Packers.