Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blaming Liberals

Well, I know I said I didn't care, but that didn't seem to stop me from going online every 5 minutes (it seemed) yesterday to check on the election outcome in Mass. Yeah well, damn. This has been a tough year, and I would say that, after last night, I feel almost as bad as I did on the morning after George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004. Almost. Here's Barbara O'Brien:
I would say this message isn’t just for President Obama, but all Democrats in Washington. The Democratic Party needs to realize that the foot-dragging of people like Max Baucus (who held hcr up in his finance committee for many long weeks, thereby delaying its passage), Ben Nelson, and Evan Bayh is devastating to the long-term prospects of the Democratic Party. These guys may be doing what they need to do to win re-election in very conservative states, but in doing so they are killing the Dems’ chance to re-brand itself as a party that can actually do something useful.

The Dems had a small window of opportunity to prove that it really does matter which party one votes for, and that most folks are better off with them, and they blew it.
CW appears to dictate that the message the Democratic leadership will take from this embarrassment is that they need to move more to the right. Oh yes, THAT'S the Change we were Hoping for! Indeedy! You know, one of the things I liked about Obama is that he ran a smart campaign, and one of the major Changes I was Hoping for was a leadership with intelligence. Do all Democrats just check their brains at the door once they get to Washington???? WTF?

And, as always, what Greenwald sez.

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