Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Terrorball, anyone?

Paul scores a slam dunk.

UPDATE: Compare and contrast this deranged, pants-wetting reaction from TexasFred (and you must understand that I refer to him so often because I'm afraid he is horrifyingly representative of an all-too-sizable contingent of our population) to Paul's resounding sanity and even Mr. Shrill himself, Greenwald.

Here's Fred (emphasis mine):
Let me take a guess here, just a shot in the dark. This meeting will be all about how to pass the blame, hide any links to failure and see if it’s at all possible to blame this on George W. Bush.

EPIC FAIL Mr. Obama, that’s what you have here, and it’s quite likely just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s going to be a HUGE iceberg. One that can GUT American security if we don’t get a grip on it right now.

Here’s a suggestion for Barack Hussein Obama and his band of moonbat minions, if you want to get a grip on this situation you’re going to have to do something that Bush didn’t do.

SHOCK and AWE needs to be more than just a slogan. Decimate ANY nation, any group of people that try to hurt the USA. Decimate them, wipe them and their seed from the face of this earth.

Forget political correctness, forget offending the enemy, fight like Americans can, and are more than willing to do.
I spoke these words many times during the Bush administration and they fell on deaf ears. You can’t fight a war and not hurt some feelings.

And a personal bit of advice to Barack Hussein Obama, you’ve got to forget that you’re a Muslim, you’ve got to be an American and you’ve got to make war most heinous on the Islamic hordes.

There are only a few things that Islamic warriors respect and understand. Great, powerful and totally overwhelming war is one of the things they understand! You make war on them in a fashion that is designed to bring about as many casualties as possible. You hit them hard, you hit them with everything you have. And when you’re done, hit them one more time just for good measure.
Good God. Can you say "issues" or perhaps, "Issues"? Does anyone doubt the adolescent mentality that drives these attitudes, or fail to recognize that this is exactly the level of childish idiocy that ran our country for the last 8 years? How in the world do we begin to recover from the damage that these assholes have wrought? I don't know, but I can't believe that we can do it by adopting most of their policies or by "looking forward, not back".


Mike Thomas said...

...wipe them and their seed from the face of this earth.

By "seed" I assume he means their children and their babies.
Would it be unfair, then, to refer to TexasFred as a wannabe BabyKiller?

AnnPW said...


I'm at a loss, frankly. I can't imagine what constitutes "fairness" with regard to discussions of the TexasFreds in this world. There's some aggressive, intractible, willfull ignorance at work there that defies any rhetorical tools, no matter how hyperbolic, I may have at my disposal! "Wannabe BabyKiller" works as well as anything I could come up with.