Thursday, February 18, 2010


Some guy angry with the IRS apparently set his own house on fire then flew a small plane into a federal building in Austin this morning. Miraculously, it seems that no one was killed except, presumably, the pilot, though there have been injuries. Here's the story. I've been trying to get in touch with my friend who works in that area, so far unsuccessfully. And Julie B., in Austin, my email to you came back as "undeliverable".

UPDATE: Finally heard from my friend who works near there. She said the building that was hit is a mile or so north from where she is, and her office windows face north, so they saw the smoke from the crash. I still can't believe that there weren't any fatalities other than the pilot!


Ricky Bones said...

The note he left smacked of the kind of rampant tea party/Glenn Beck noise. I can bet I can guess what his reading list might look like and which "trusted" news source he watched and will be putting a spin on the story so they don't look as if they fueled it with their pundit lineup.

Let's see how many nuts refuse to call this an act of terrorism.

Ruth said...

In the Dallas Morning news' Trailblazer blog, a quotation from Rep. Lloyd Doggett has been gathering comments denying all relationship between themselves and the suicide teabagger. What a surprise that threats of anti-government violence would incite some one feeling alienated to violence.