Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Republicans are stupid

Proof. As if you needed it.

Seriously, how else to explain the popularity of Rusty Not-So-Sharpe? Here's a guy who not only dropped out of college because he "flunked everything" but also spent eight years propping up the bonafides of the most rock-stupid POTUS in the history of ever, telling his audience that Obama - yeah, uh huh, Obama - is too dumb to write his own papers.

You know, I generally don't go around calling people stupid. I don't have all that much confidence in my own intelligence to feel comfortable deriding someone else for being stupid. But rightwingers push the boundaries of gall so far it becomes just impossible not to point out the glaringly obvious. When they're not jeering at Obama for being an "elitist" (which is rightwing code for "smartypants"), here they are calling him stupid. I guess they don't care WHAT insults they sling as him - be it "Socialist!", "Racist!" "Elitist!" - whatever, so long as it's...insulting.

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