Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Honky Tonkin'

FDL brings us this pleasant news, which triggers some happy associations for me. Texas is dotted throughout the state with hundreds of country dance halls that harken back as far as the 20's and 30's, (Texas Monthly magazine did a good feature article on the subject a few years back) several of which are a comfortable Saturday night's drive from my house. Some of those are famous and still book major bands (Floore's Country Store, Luchenbach, Gruene Hall), some more obscure (Kendalia, Kreutzberg, Quihi - which is pictured at the top of that TM article), some have fallen quiet, but many are still hoppin' on Saturday nights with kids from 2 to 92 kicking up sawdust to live country, rock, and blues music. It's definitely one of the best aspects of life in Texas. Anyway, I used to play Hank Williams in the car when my kids were little and we would sing along at the top of our voices. This one, which always evokes images of those wonderful country dance halls, is one of many of my favorites:

I don't care who thinks we're silly,
You be Daffy and I'll be Dilly,
We'll order up two bowls of chili!
Settin' the woods on fire!

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Julie said...

Don't forget Crider's, dancing under the stars....I don't remember exactly where it was though.