Saturday, June 5, 2010


The catastrophe in our Gulf of Mexico is as devastating as 9/11 with a clearly comparable economic impact and loss of life; marine life this time, as opposed to human, but we will all be affected.

It's small comfort that we at least have a president in charge this time who is considerably more mature, but we'll take what comfort we can get. President Obama has not delivered on the Change that he promised his supporters, and that disappointment is, I'm afraid, going to cost more than votes in November. But we can probably rest assured that he won't respond to this crisis by starting a war with, say, Slovinia. That's something.

And I'm sorry to be such a sourpuss on this first weekend of summer vacation, but I can't mention Obama and Bush and promises-of-Change-not-delivered without noting that this asshole would not be able to strut around the country being "glib" if Obama hadn't shirked his moral and official responsibility and given the little war criminal a pass. And that's going to cost us all, too.


Julie said...

Ann, you shoulda gone to the garage sale and had lunch with us at Cha-Cha's (including Margarita's!) instead of thinking of all this awful stuff this morning.

Julie said...

I just can't look at photos of the oil-soaked pelicans, but I'd love to see a photo of Bush being put on trial for war crimes.