Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Labor Hates Management, Reason #....

Because they get paid ridiculous amounts of money to come up with shit like this:
GM Bans 'Chevy' -- Tells Workers: It's Chevrolet
And I love how the story slips this little revelation in at the very end:
Some cynics have noted, however, that the new consciousness about Chevrolet versus Chevy brand names coincides with a change in advertising firms at GM, the thought being that maybe the memo is a clever strategy to gin up a lot of free media attention, including in the blogosphere.

An advertising firm wouldn't do something like that, would it?
The theory being, I suppose, that any attention is good attention? Ask Toyota about that. One wonders if the workers at GM are in on the joke. Probably most of them are shaking their heads and laughing it off, which is good - I mean, comic relief is something. But management couldn't come up with a way to get attention without demeaning its workforce?

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