Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moral Relativism?

This morning as I was pulling into my parking space at work, the DJ at the college radio station I listen to was reading the news and this was the last item I heard. Now, I don't know if I mis-heard the news, or if the DJ misspoke (it's college radio - it happens) but as I heard it, the Presidential Medal of Freedom was being awarded to George W. Bush, and I nearly had a heart attack. I stomped into my office and ripped off an angry email to a few friends, then got around to actually reading the news article.

Sheesh. That should teach me. So, having recovered from that rude scare, I now have to re-evaluate how I feel about this news. Not great, for sure, but what does it say about Barack Obama that I should be so quick to assume that my original fear was true? That that acutally seemed POSSIBLE?

In an ideal world, things like the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional Medal of Freedom would be awarded on merit and not for political purposes, but of course that world doesn't exist. That said, I suppose some small amount of satisfaction can be derived from seeing this award granted to Bush, Sr. whose policies Bush, Jr. so arrogantly and disastrously reversed. Suck on that, Chimpy.

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