Monday, February 21, 2011

My Crystal Ball

My local NPR station this morning told me that Texas is poised to pass a law mandating that all state universities allow their students and faculty to carry concealed handguns. I confess that I was wrong: Last fall, when Republicans won a super majority in the Texas legislature, I predicted that this would be their first move. It was, instead, their second; first order of the day was to pass mandatory sonograms for women seeking abortions.

It seems to me that Texas can reasonably be perceived as a microcosm of Wingnut Heaven. Our nation had a good helping of Texas Wingnuttism in charge of things for eight years under the non-leadership of George W. Bush, so we should know what to expect if they should manage to wrest control of the reins of national power again.

I think TexasFred is a good barometer of Texas Wingnuttism too. The other day he had a post up extolling the virtues of Nathan Bedford Forrest, renowned Confederate Hero and KKK Grand PooPah. According to Fred, this guy has been unjustly maligned by "libberpukes". Uh huh. So when I see things like this playing out all over the place, and not just in The South - that is, with wingnuts everywhere falling all over themselves to re-define not just the Civil War, but history and science in general, my Crystal Ball kicks into action and tells me that as soon as wingnuts achieve their goals of destroying unions, women, and the rest of our tattered economy, their next target will be restoring that venerated institution of slavery. You just wait. You read it here first!

I think the rebellion in Wisconsin is pivotal. If Brown wins, we all lose. It's as simple as that.

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Freewheel said...

The restoration of slavery... of course! That explains why they're so offended at the gall of workers bargaining over pay and benefits! "You get whatever we deign to give you, slaves!"