Monday, February 28, 2011

Austin rally to support Wisconsin

It was a lot of fun, and by most measures, pretty successful I'd say. I have no idea how many people were there, but the area around the Capitol steps was jam-packed. My friends and I actually wormed our way up to the area where the speakers' platform was, so we were out of the crowd and mostly behind the speakers. It was hard to hear, probably because the speakers were pointed out at the crowd, but we cheered and waved our signs along with everyone else. Most gratifying was the loud and long "Booooooo!" that came up when Gov. Rick Perry's name was mentioned. Jim Hightower was a crowd-pleaser, as usual, and it was fun watching him wearing a cheese hat and having his picture taken with a couple of the Wisconsin folks who were there. Gotta love that man!

My friends and I tried to get tickets to A Red Hot Patriot but they were sold out - too bad. So we went out for Indian food instead.

Vic was our cameraman - and I hope to have some pictures soon.

UPDATE: Until Vic's pictures come through, here's a nice photo essay of the rallys across the country from MoveOn, the events' host. (Hey! Note picture #26! Someone stole Cap's idea!) At some point, a woman took my picture and said somthing about posting them on MoveOn's site, but - with some relief, I admit - I don't find my picture there.

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Julie said...

Can't wait to see the photos, Ann!
Sally T. and my friends the Robbins family have great photos.
Nothing in local news that I could find, TV or newspapers. Krugman says it is like the blackout on dissenting opinions before the Iraq war.
I'm thinking Rally for the Middle Class and Working Class might be a better name for this movement. Then the opposition has to deny being for the rich. American Dream is too vague.
Lots of people turned out in 66 cities on 3 or 4 days notice! Not bad!