Thursday, March 3, 2011

Extra, Extra!

Revolutions exploding in Libya, Wisconsin, Ohio - the world is in chaos! - but I've gotcher Big News O' The Day: TexasFred's blog is "temporarily unavailable"! Heh. Let's see how long this shocking development lasts.

Seriously, Fred has claimed in the recent past that "Big Brother" is watching his blog and, frankly, I wouldn't be surprised. His own rantings are bad enough, but his commenters dance way too close to that Line That Must Not Be Crossed if one wishes to stay out of jail for, well, whatever.

Still, we must not get our hopes up. His blog has been down before and, like a chronic disease, he'll probably be back.


Freewheel said...

TexasFred should take comfort in the fact that fellow hater Fred Phelps won in the Supreme Court yesterday. Free speech is alive and well.

AnnPW said...

So true, FW! And yet, while Fred and/or his commenters may not have said anything that was actually illegal, his latest rantings about race and "PC-ness" may have prompted his blog-host to declare Enuff-Is-Enuff, according to their own Rules of Decorum or whatever.

I dunno. I suppose Fred may have shut it down himself for one reason or another, or it might just be a technical glitch.

But it's fun to speculate - it would be irresponsible not to!