Thursday, March 17, 2011


When are people going to quit voting for Republicans?

Texas is a much crappier place to live since the back-to-back Republican governorships of George W. Bush and Rick "Goodhair" Perry, especially if one is poor or working in a job which tries to provide services to the poor.

This fall, as I've mentioned before, Republicans gained super majorities in both the state House and Senate and of course ol' Goodhair won himself a third term, and they are having themselves a whale of a time trying to see just how fast they can destroy the last remnants of our state. Currently, they are rushing a bill through the lege which will mandate that public universities allow students and faculty to carry firearms. Isn't that a swell idea? Well, overwhelming majorities of students, university administrators and LAW ENFORCEMENT don't think so, but you know who does? Gun manufacturers and their lobby, the NRA! Woo hoo, party time!

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Freewheel said...

I hope the answer is 2012.

It's possible that the vast majority of voters will be sick of teabaggers by then. I wonder whether Obama's strategy is to win over independents and so-called RINOs at all costs, even if it means a tax break to the rich while giving up on spending that would create jobs. Given the consequences of the Nader vote in 2000, it seems like a good bet that progressives will vote for Obama even if they're unhappy with him.