Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

She was a beautiful and talented actress, and a great philanthropist. This NYT tribute is quite thorough and good.

I remember Molly Haskell on Turner Classic Movies once commented on her fainting scene in A Place in the Sun, how difficult that was to do. You can see for yourself about 42 seconds into this clip:


Julie said...

I thought there would be a lot of Elizabeth Taylor movies on TV, but haven't seen any since she died.

AnnPW said...

Fox Movie Channel ran back-to-back showings of "Cleopatra" all day yesterday. I know, I thought TCM would do a day of her movies - perhaps they will yet. The same thing happened with Jane Russell's recent demise - unless I missed it, TCM didn't do their usual pre-emption of scheduled programming to do a film tribute to her either.