Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missed Birthdays

Everyone have a nice holiday weekend? Good! My home computer has gone to that Great Silicon Valley in the sky, so I'm wasting less time at home and more time at work! Anyway, I missed a couple of birthdays last week that were worth mentioning, so better late than never as the old saying goes:

On May 27, it was Hubert Humphrey, and there is a nice tribute to him here, with a link to another one within. I was a sophomore in high school when HH ran against Richard Nixon, and had I understood more about what was going on, I probably would have been a McGovern fan, but all I knew was that I didn't want Nixon to win. Yes, my views were formed fairly early on, and have been remarkably stable over the years, for better or worse. Anyway, perhaps it was coincidence that this great article by Kevin Drum about the decline of the labor movement and the middle class came out on the same day. It's really worth the read.

The other birthday was that of a song, Stand By Me by Ben E. King. The original is fine indeed, but I love this version by Ry:

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