Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beast, not vanquished

One of the troubling side-effects of failing to criminally prosecute prominent political leaders who commit crimes is that, even if they leave office with historically low public approval ratings, they are still granted undue respect (however minimal) and platforms from which to inject their poisonous bile into mainstream discourse. A society that believed in its own rhetoric about the "rule of law" would not allow this to happen.

UPDATE: Tristero expresses my thoughts exactly:
These people make me sick. All of them. The only audience Perle deserves is the judge at a trial for his war crimes. And I'm absolutely positive, as the evidence accumulates of Perle's critically influential role in the moral cesspool that was, and remains, the Bush/Iraq war, no one will find him entertaining in the slightest.

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Ruth said...

Agree 100%, prosecution is the only appropriate treatment of the war criminals.