Monday, February 16, 2009

Another "war" that needs to end

Our nation's drug laws so need to change.


Donna "Hussein" said...


I completely agree. But here's something I tell my kids when we talk about drugs.

Until the United States decides to adopt a rational, reasoned approach to non-harmful drugs such as pot, much of what will be available to users comes across the border at great cost. Many of my clients are impoverished "mules" who get caught carrying pot over the border so some rich kid in the United States can get high. In addition, that rich kid will almost never get caught, while his poor, often minority, counterpart often will. And, punishments for the two will differ significantly. So, while smoking pot is neither harmful nor wrong, in my view, I do think there are ethical issues to consider.

None of which means that Phelps should be punished.

AnnPW said...

Excellent point, Donna, and I agree. Thank you.