Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your minimal daily requirement

Of Perspective, brought to you by The Anonymous Liberal, and

Of Moral Clarity, brought to you by Diane at Cab Drollery (emphasis mine):
The continued use of euphemisms aside, all three processes are illegal in civilized countries which rely on the rule of law to promote justice. Enhanced interrogations are torture. Extraordinary renditions are kidnappings. Military commission trials are show trials without even the minimum of due process. We can no longer stand by and allow their continuance, not even by a well-intentioned man who promised us change. We must demand that President Obama stop irrevocably these crimes against humanity.

If we don't insist on this by a massive campaign at the congressional and White House level, then we will continue to be complicit in this horror. It's time to stop it, all of it.


Mike Thomas said...

Excellent A.L. column!
I think it is also highly ironic that Obama's stimulus package is also the largest tax cut in history - and EVERY Republican voted against it.

AnnPW said...

I thought so too - thanks Mike.

Republicans seem to be struggling to find some way to be relevant and have apparently decided on just being obstructionist jerks, despite the dire nature of the multiple crises we face. We'll see how that works out for them (and for us). Susan over at KMBBB put up a great cartoon about it the other day.

Mike Thomas said...

And how about all those Republicans rushing out to take credit for the bill they voted against?

And Kevin Drum notes that when you add up all the so-called pork the Republicans were complaining about, it comes to just under 3 percent of the total bill.
So, let's see, biggest tax cut in history... 97 percent non-pork stimulus... and STILL not good enough to earn even a single Republican House members vote.