Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We're hearing from wingnuts that "empathy" is something to sneer at (an attitude that our wingnut troll, Mark, has already made us very familiar with)- and I think this tells us all we need to know about about wingnuts and why the GOP is now in the minority.

Mahablog has a good post up about this and other "arguments" righties are throwing out against Sotomayor.

UPDATE: From hilzoy:
But that's nothing compared to Mike Huckabee thinking her first name is Maria. Any moment now, I suppose someone will ask how we know she's in this country legally.
UPDATE: Scott L. says it all in a post entitled The Wait To Reach Rock Bottom Is Over:
When I see that Sonia Sotomayor's competence is being questioned by John Yoo -- you know, the guy who constructed a farcical argument that a Constitution that gave Congress numerous specific powers over warmaking was actually intended to replicate monarchical executive power? And did so to justify an arbitrary torture regime? -- I...what else can you say?
UPDATE: Oh lawdy, Scott spoke too soon. Now she's a "bigot". Righties truly don't care about embarrassing themselves, do they.


TexasCowboy said...

I'm waiting for the GOP to ask for a copy of her birth certificate!

Ruth said...

Had to love seeing a clip of G.H.W.Bush during that nomination intro, calling Justice Thomas 'empathetic' this a.m.

Ricky Bones said...

Good post! I watched Hannity spit out, verbatim from Powerline, all of the negatives about her, funny how he never mentioned the postives, that outweighed the negatives :-)

On empathy, it was rather funny reading this -

Oh the hypocrisy! I am waiting for another Tancredo gem to fall out. With an uncle like Tancredo, this is not surprising -

Ricky Bones said...

Have a SUPER weekend all! :-)

AnnPW said...

Thanks, Ricky, you too!

And thanks also to Ruth and the newcomer, TexasCowboy - I do appreciate your comments, folks!