Friday, May 8, 2009

Who are we?

Apparently there was a CNN poll the other day that concluded that Americans are, by slightly more than half, in favor of not pursuing any further investigations or prosecutions into the Bush administration's authorization of the use of torture. I can't help but believe that this reflects a profound failure on multiple fronts, and I was starting to think that maybe 9/11 did in fact "change everything", but perhaps the problem is deeper than that.


Ruth said...

Without enforcement, rule of law does not really exist. Keep on insisting, and I will do the same.

heydave said...

Did you read Garrison Keillor's bullshit "bygones" column on Salon? Just who ARE these fucking people?

Ricky Bones said...

I read recently that people who acquiesce to this and let it slide are people who fear that we can't defend America, while upholding American Values.