Wednesday, May 20, 2009


May cause projectile vomiting.

Apparently those of us who believe in upholding the rule of law (because we "decry enhanced interrogation")in our country are now "Two-faced moral absolutists". Sheesh. We used to be vilified for being "moral relativists", now we're "moral absolutists". I wish righties would make up their minds, but then I guess you'd have to have a brain in order to do that.

I'm having a difficult time with this issue right now, and I'm very upset. I've been mulling over how to write about it for most of last night and this morning, then I saw this editorial - and now I need to go calm down. The temptation to waterboard someone is quite strong, so it can't be said that I'm unsympathetic to Our MenAndWomenInUniform who are confronted with these VeryDifficultDecisions.

That's it. I'm stopping now. Before I write something I'll regret.


Ricky Bones said...

Ann, I completely understand how this subject makes you feel.

I think Jesse Ventura illustrated a point very well the other day to Brian Kilmeade on FOX Noise...

He asked, if waterboarding is OK and not torture, then why don't we haul suspected or actual violent criminals and gang members and waterboard them to get information and reduce crime. He pointed out that we don't do it because it is illegal. Also pointed out that a person would admit to the Sharon Tate murders if they were tortured long enough.

Makes one think.

Freewheel said...

No - don't stop!

Is it true that some of the "enhanced interrogation" was intended to produce a "confession" that there was a link between al qaeda and Saddam Hussein? We know that Cheney visited the CIA often and insisted that they "look into" finding such a connection. I think Cheney should be asked about this under oath.

AnnPW said...

Thanks Ricky and Freewheel.

Yes, FW, some of the interrogators themselves are alleging that there was considerable pressure from Cheney's office to use "enhanced interrogation" (ach, I hate that phrase) to force prisoners to produce false confessions of a link between Saddam and al Qaida. I agree that all parties involved should be questioned under oath. It sickens me that there isn't a stronger political will to investigate these crimes.