Saturday, May 30, 2009

The rocks in "rock bottom" keep sinking

It could be pointed out to those of us who are calling for investigations and prosecutions of Bush administration war crimes that it's really a pointless endeavor since even Republicans who are convicted somehow - and often with the help of Democrats, no less - end up back on the street with sweet gigs that enable them to prosper and spew all manner of filth into our already hopelessly poisoned public discourse. "Liberal media" indeed.


Ruth said...

I remember Liddy was thrown out of Costa Rica for his own illegal war as part of the Iran-Contra scheme - does he claim male menopause caused his rotten judgment?

Ricky Bones said...

Why is anyone putting any stock in anything that man says?!

People seem to forget this is the guy who told his listeners that if ever raided by ATF agents, shoot them in the head because they are wearing bullet proof vests. Of course, that is if it were ATF agents under Clinton. Great!

Funny how it's OK to attack her and make the stereotypical, neanderthal, male arguments about women and label her a racist. Don't remember the Liddies and Limbaughs making these arguments about Harriet Miers or Sarah Palin for that matter.


Also, GREAT comment, Ruth :-)

Ruth said...

Thanks, RickyBones, maybe that will be the new Twinky defense.