Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm sending another $100 to Planned Parenthood today

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From Ann Friedman (H/T TPM) on Why Clinic Violence is Obama's Problem:
It's apparent that we need someone at the federal level who is paying attention. After all, Tiller's assassin was not acting in vacuum. Even if no national anti-choice group directly ordered him to fire that gun, he is a product of a culture that thrives on systematically threatening reproductive health care providers and women who seek abortions. Militant anti-choice groups like Operation Rescue -- which has endorsed intimidation tactics in the past -- released statements yesterday condemning Tiller's assassination.

But after years of sending the message to its avid base that Tiller was a sub-human monster, a press release expressing dismay at the killing does little good. On the sidebar of the Operation Rescue blog, near where the press release appeared, was a small image featuring Dr. Tiller's face, some very sinister-looking flames, and the words "America's Doctor of Death," linking to a detailed dossier about all of Tiller's offenses. Other groups keep databases of reproductive health providers' addresses and phone numbers, all but daring their members to conduct harassment campaigns.
And here's a commenter named "Sarah in Chicago" over at Pandagon explaining her experience as an escort at a women's clinic.

And just to show what we're up against, here's TexasFred explaining his nuanced position on abortion rights:
Personally, I don’t care if I gain readers or lose readers for this statement, abortion on demand is WRONG.
Such a brave blogger!
Certainly there are extenuating circumstances that can make abortion an acceptable practice, but those circumstances need to well defined. Acts of rape or incest, the life of the mother and possibly an absolute guarantee that the child will be massively deformed or mentally challenged, those may be acceptable applications of abortion, but even then, that decision should be carefully weighed.
Don't you love TexasFred's lecture to us on what is and what isn't an "acceptable" reason to have an abortion.
Abortion on demand should not be an option. If a woman hasn’t been the victim of rape or incest then she needs to accept the consequences of HER actions. The use of birth control by those with loose morals would be much better than murdering the innocent life that springs from those indiscretions.

And yes, the father should assume responsibility too, but we all know, in many cases, that just isn’t going to happen.
Got that? "that just isn't going to happen" - get over it!
In some cases it’s because the woman doesn’t even know who the father is.
Of course. In fact, I suppose TexasFred believes this is true in most cases, don't you?
Personal responsibility folks, look into it. Abortion is NOT a viable option and shouldn’t be used as an easy OUT simply because someone didn’t assume any!
And in case he wasn't clear, TexasFred provides some amplification in one of his comments in this thread:
I want these abortion on demand SLUTS to tell me, exactly WHAT has that baby done?? Who has that baby harmed or killed? Why does the most innocent being on this planet deserve an unchallenged DEATH PENALTY simply for being… Nothing more, no crime, no harm to others, just BEING!
Sigh. Can you say I-S-S-U-E-S?


Ricky Bones said...

I have always felt that this boils down to the underlying attitude of, "take your medicine, whore!"

Growing up in the Southern Baptist Church, the debate on abortion always went back to "the girl was a slut" NOT ONCE, did I ever hear any admonishment of the male involved in the unplanned pregnancy.

Funny how they don't want an abortion to happen, but they could give 1/10 of a shit about a child born to a single mother or an unmarried couple.

AnnPW said...

Absolutely, Ricky. The crusade against abortion is driven by people who are disturbingly threatened by (and therefore need to control/supress) female sexuality. The smarmy "concern" for "innocent children" is as phony as a three dollar bill. Creepy.