Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RIP Liberal Lion

I know Obama had hoped - me too - that Teddy would live to see health reform pass. There are of course numerous wonderful tributes to be found around the liberal blogosphere. Several very good ones are at Firedoglake (where they are currently liveblogging Obama's remarks), but I especially love the title to this one, The Wind takes the Lion. UPDATE: Donna has a nice one, too.

A word about the picture I used for this post: It was interesting to browse the available selection. I found this picture first on a site that had it in better clarity, and reversed, but suggested that I should get permission from the copyright owner before publishing it. But then I found it again on another site, as it is here, and it was titled "moonbattery". I love the picture, and I don't think it shows what the person who gave it that title thinks it does.

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