Friday, April 1, 2011

I wish I had a good April Fools' Day post!

But I don't. Maybe next year! Meanwhile, I found this little quote in this post at Balloon Juice the other day and meant to write about it, but, well. So, better late than never, this is something that fairly accurately describes my state of mind often when I am not posting (more the second than the first, but sometimes the first too!):
*By the way. I do know I’ve been conspicuous (as in, unnoticed) by my absence lately. There have been two reasons. The first is a press of work so insane that I have ended each day by curling up with a scotch bottle for the five spare minutes alotted me between unconsciousness and panic.

The second is that I occasionally have these funks brought on by the sheer catastrophe of the world. Sometimes, the accumulation of stupidity, misery, disaster and sheer capricious accident/horror leaves me gobsmacked for something to say.
So, yeah. Wisconsin, Republicans, Libya, earthquakes and tsunamis, abortion rights, Republicans, lame Democrats, more Republicans....Sometimes I get discouraged.

And that's when I look to the blues to pick me up!:

Heard this one on the radio on the way in to work this morning:

Happy Friday, everyone!

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