Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Republicans: The Other White Meat"

In response to this blog post at the SA Current, my friend Gene wrote (emphasis in original):
First, thanks for writing this article. This information is really very shocking. I do keep up with these debates but I had not been aware of most of this.
I'm not impressed with the ill thought out solutions that the fundamentalist Christians and Republicans keep offering. But the one thing I do know is that the planet is only capable of maintaining something like 4 or maybe 5 billion people, and I think we are up to 9 billion and growing.
We have already eaten everything in the oceans, the water is being polluted. It will not take much to undermine our food supply with mad cow or crop failures---which are already happening. Monsanto is ruining the rest with their modified seeds. We have driven all other life off the planet so we can have more shopping space and sewage treatment.
So to keep advocating that all pregnant women give birth is really, really stupid. Especially when they don't want to.
I say lets declare Republicans the next white meat.

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