Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning to Read

Wow. I am well and truly stunned.I have been reading Barbara O'Brien at The Mahablog for quite some time and have generally liked and agreed with much of what she has to say. However, I have noticed that she has quite a low tolerance for dissent, even that which I would have considered fairly benign. Still, I was completely unprepared for her reaction to my comment to today's post, which she deleted, leaving the following:
[Deleted. I hate people who misrepresent what I wrote in order to whine at me. Either learn to read or find someone else to annoy. -- maha]

I have emailed her to ask, in the most respectful manner I can muster up, how she feels that I misrepresented what she wrote. If I hear back from her, I will post it here, verbatim, so that I don't "misrepresent" her.

Unless she manages to come up with something reasonable and civil, I'm afraid I've seen the last of Mahablog.


Freewheel said...

Wow - that's a pretty rude way to treat your readers. She makes the "all things conservative" blogger look good by comparison.

AnnPW said...

Ooo - Ouch, FW!! I don't know that I would go THAT far!!

But yeah, I think I'm pretty much done with her.