Friday, April 15, 2011

The Pooch Parade

San Antonio is in the midst of its Mardi Gras, we call it Fiesta. It's pretty much the usual tourist-trap nonsense and I find it, for the most part, a good excuse to stay the hell out of San Antonio for a week or so. There are many Official Big Deal Events, parades and parties and what-not; but sometimes the best events are those that are non-Official smaller neighborhood events such as the Pooch Parade in Alamo Heights. Of course, sometimes these are so much fun that they eventually become Official Big Deal Events, like the Cornyation, which started off as a gay bar spoof of the Coronation (an Event just made for spoofing), but now you can't get seats.

Advice: Turn your sound off so you don't have to listen to that stupid Who-Let-The-Dogs-Out claptrap:

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