Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Burning Bush

One must appreciate the challenge facing Bush's psyche as it attempts to cope with the conflict between his outsized ego and the ever-increasing and overwhelming evidence of his crappiness. To see his minions and enablers scuttering around attempting to fashion some passable fiction that they can pawn off as his "legacy" is to watch the human capacity for duplicity in all its rank glory. No illusionist could surpass Karl Rove (insert name of any Bushbot here): "See how I make history disappear!" Did you see the interview with W the other day wherein he claimed that his greatest domestic achievement was bringing Social Security "reform" up for discussion? Seriously. (The first commenter to that post, "shoeless", astutely points out that: "Well, the best thing Bush did in 8 years was to fail in his attempt to kill Social Security.")

Needless to say, they don't deserve our help in this effort. In fact, I firmly believe that we should make it as difficult as possible. I believe that we should remember that our failure as a democratic country to confront, honestly and openly, the full extent of the crimes of the Nixon administration and to hold those responsible accountable led directly to the catastrophe of the George W. Bush administration and that future (and likely worse) catastrophes are certain unless we do it differently this time.

On NPR the other day, the following claim was made:
The early reviews of Bush's presidency have not been kind. But will that verdict change, as the president's allies suggest? It has happened for other ex-presidents. Historians are pointing to one factor that could help it happen for Bush: the effectiveness of his successor, Barack Obama.
Nice. With this neat little trick, the achievements of Barack Obama are used to make George W. Bush look good! Get it? And if you think they won't be able to get away with it, where have you been for the last eight years? There really is only one way to avoid this travesty and that is with the appointment of a special prosecutor and independent investigations. We must, as a country, insist on the protection of our government by upholding the rule of law and by holding those in the highest reaches of power who commit egregious crimes - war crimes - accountable to us.

Here's what you can do to help.

UPDATE: Greenwald today.


heydave said...

I hate it when blather like the passage you cited comes across on NPR, especially when I'm driving. It must be a sight to the other drivers to see me reacting to a cross between road rage and projectile vomiting.

AnnPW said...

Ain't it the truth, heydave! I heard it in the car too, and had a very similar response.

heydave said...

I visualize NPR with the Bush face when he imitated a death row prisoner: please give us money to spew this crap!