Friday, January 16, 2009

I am sooooo ready for a long weekend

The place where I work has graciously consented been forced by the State of Texas to give us a day off on Monday and I have tacked on a vacation day after that for Tuesday so I am VERY glad that this week is finally over.

So, ta ta suckas, and let me leave you with this which is one of the funniest blog posts I have ever read.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

1. You are making me all blushy.

2. Tell me where I work so I can get a job there. I'm so ready for a govermentally enforced holiday.

AnnPW said...

Ain't blogging grand? You meet the coolest people - Thanx for stopping by Jenny the B!

And I'm not buying that "blushy" crap. Anyone who writes about contemplating naming her cat "My Vagina" surely can't be THAT subject to embarrassment! And did I mention how hard I laughed???

And take a holiday anyway - who's counting?

AnnPW said...

Oops - not cat, dog. My bad. Guess I was too busy laughing to pay attention to exactly what KIND of pet was being named....