Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From the Department of What the Nation Really Doesn't Need

I suppose there are approximately 30% of us who are really looking forward to watching this:
"It's not something where he's trying to refight old battles. It's a very thoughtful, forward-looking speech in which the president will share the lessons he learned in office and his views on the future," Perino said.
Woo hoo! "Looking forward"! Not "refighting old battles"! You betcha!


heydave said...

Shameless. Dana Perino joins the long line of soulless hacks, still trying to persuade us that her boss is not three steps below the village idiot.

Freewheel said...

I hope he'll reveal where the WMDs are. I'm especially concerned about the yellow cake uranium that Saddam got from Niger, converted into nuclear bombs, and gave to al quaida, who in turn will place the bombs on planes headed to the U.S.

Ruth said...

'Share the lessons he learned' would mean admitting he'd disproved the trickle down theory for all time. Can't wait, indeed.