Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day

What a weekend! I know it was frigid in D.C. but the weather down here in South Texas was picture perfect and between the MLK march on Monday and the Inauguration on Tuesday there has been nonstop celebrating all around! Woo hoo! My son, Sandy, was annoyed that he had to go to school while his mom was out kicking up her heels, but hey, son, that's the way it goes, y'know!

It's always illuminating to observe how local news outlets in Texas respond to news as opposed to not only the national coverage but, say NPR or the BBC. This is on the front page of my local paper, the San Antonio Express-News, this morning:

The impression that this image (an AP photo, credited to one Marvin Cleaver) is intended to convey, I suppose, is that the Brits (and perhaps the world at large) are really, really excited about Obama's inauguration. Now, our paper endorsed McCain and is generally quite conservative in its editorial policies, but I will say that, overall, today's front page coverage is fairly positive. But as I was getting ready for work this morning, I had the television tuned to local news coverage and it was fascinating to listen to the various anchors discuss the inauguration - you know how they engage in chit chat between stories. First of all, they feature - every morning, mind you - commentary from a local DJ who is San Antonio's Rush Limbaugh wannabe at what must be their affiliate radio station . So, in between the traffic and the weather and the reports of various shootings that go down in our fair city, we are treated to whatever 2-second Drivel of the Day that this moron, and I suppose the show's producers, considers "humor." Based on the very few times I have actually watched this show, this is how it usually goes: News anchor pauses mid-show and says, "Let's hear what whazziz-name (let me just call him "The Moron" since, mysteriously, I've blocked his name) has to say!" and on comes The Moron to expound upon whatever topic he deems appropriate, and the news anchors then giggle and titter at his salty wit. Today, following the script, News Anchor says, "Let's check in with The Moron!" whereupon The Moron comes on and admits that he didn't watch any of the inauguration ceremonies on TV but he listened to it on the radio and he found Obama's speech "disappointing" and "no big deal" after which he added "for some reason" and I'm thinking, "because you're an asshole!" and then he felt compelled to add, "And about that POEM - I really hope the woman who read that poem was really good-looking so that watching her might have made that part of the ceremony bearable because that poem was AWFUL!" Titter, titter, go the anchors, agreeing wholeheartedly that The Poem was awful and one nitwit anchor went so far as to say, "EVERYONE hated it" after which she repeated herself to be sure that we all heard her. Good stuff!

Gee, I dunno, maybe it's time to drop a line to the producers of the Channel 4 Morning News and let them know that no, not EVERYONE "hated" the poem, and that maybe it's time for them to consider the fact the the majority of voting citizens in their primary viewing area (Bexar County) along with EVERY OTHER MAJOR METROPOLITAN COUNTY IN TEXAS, voted for Barack Obama and that most of us were really, really happy about his inauguration and way more than happy to see the tail end of the George W. Bush administration, and the last thing in the world that any of us need to hear is the moronic grousing of sore-loser rightwingers on the morning news.

Consider it done!


Donna "Hussein" said...

I really loved the poem.

Maybe he meant he hates POETRY.

AnnPW said...

Yes, to be fair, he said something about not knowing "anything about poetry" (no duh!) and the anchorettes all nodded their little heads in dumb agreement. It was painful to watch.

I thought it was a wonderful, inspiring poem.

Mike Thomas said...

I believe the "Moron" you are referring to is Joe Pags and I must say that is an insult to all good morons out there.
But that's what you get for watching News 4 - WOAI, the Clear Channel-owned Fox-wannabe station.
Switch to KSAT-12, at least they have the best Weatherman with Steve Brown.

AnnPW said...

Good advice - thanks Mike! I'm not usually paying that much attention and I switch on just the first local station I come to for the traffic and the weather. I'll know better from now on!