Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elections have consequences

So far, so very, very good.

There was also this (H/T Mahablog):
"Let me say it as simply as I can. Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency."


And was any Bush appointee ever greeted like this? UPDATE: That was the State; it's the same over at Interior:
Secretary Salazar was extremely well received, with a fairly open Q&A session following his speech. My first impression of him is that he seems to be a highly qualified, and a genuinely nice guy to boot. He also seems to have brought with a group of extremely qualified people. I'll wait and see, as always. It was a really heartening meeting though; everyone seems very excited. It feels like a return to rational governance.
The past 8 years have been such a nightmare and the relief of seeing good, smart people in charge seems palpable and widespread.


heydave said...

Hey, you're our reporter down in Texas! So how come they get "thousands" in Crawford to show up with big cardboard W's, waving them about and cheering bushie?

Was it really that great to get the return of their village idiot?

Freewheel said...

I'm still half expecting the Supreme Court to hand down a ruling that Bush is still president. Just too good to be true.

Ruth said...

When Holder is safely ensconced at the DOJ, I will feel better. With the politicized staff there in hand, and beginning to be shaken out, we can return to the Rule of Law. Of course the wingers are putting a stay on that appointment. Those dysfunctioning heads will begin to roll for sure when the thugs are gone.