Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Something weird seems to be happening with my Comments. I've received comments in my email that are not showing up on the blog. I've tried copying them from my email to the blog comments, but they are not counting as "Comments" on the face of the blog. Strange! Not sure if this is just a problem on my computer, or if the same thing is happening for those of you who are leaving comments (Hi Mike! Hi Freewheel!).

UPDATE: Seems to be something with my computer. A couple of reboots later, something about "cookies" and the comments seem to be working now, though it looks like I might have lost one of Freewheel's. Can't have that!


Freewheel said...

Oh, that's OK. My 2 cents are usually worth less than 2 cents.

AnnPW said...

Not so! Your 2 cents are priceless by me!