Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mexicans are coming! The Mexicans are coming!

Oh for heaven's sakes. Brace yourselves, and to do so you should start with TBogg who gives this story its proper slant.

Now as you might expect, TexasFred is all over this, although - credit where credit is due - he does express some skepticism. But his "skepticism" is kept in small print, and you can tell how much he really WANTS the story to be true, despite his doubts. For one thing, the headline of his post is this:
Multiple Ranches in Laredo, TX Taken Over by Los Zetas
Then, in small print underneath:
Invasion or Hoax? Did The Cypress Times get *had*?
He reprints the whole stupid story, then ends his post with this:
Some have said that a TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT has been imposed on the MSM. I find that VERY hard to believe. Even a total blackout would still render at least some information.

The MSM is a devious bunch, they’d have a guy up in an Ultra-Lite plane with a cell phone camera if that’s what it took.

This is either a huge hoax or a huge cover-up. I’m thinking HOAX!
"Huge" either way!

But, as dumb as Fred is, it's his commenters that take the prize. Behold:

From "Bloviating Zeppelin":
As I wrote to you, YOU’VE done more work on just this story than the bulk of American “journalists.” I can understand the MSM wanting to quash this story as it potentially places our darker, more violent brethren to the south in a poor light and would lend credence to border states wishing to place a more controlled grip on illegal invasion.

Think about it: if it IS true and the story gets out, this will be the possible match that lights a firestorm. An actual invasion of this country.

But be careful; be very careful. Verify. Always verify.
From "mrchuck":
Great scoop Texas Fred!
If no Texas ranchers have been killed, then it is time for our forces, Sheriff and help, or Texas Rangers, to go in there and re-claim Texas land for the Texas Landowner.
If it becomes true fact, the the Governor can mobilize the Texas Natl Guard to respond in force immediately.
Congrats for getting this out to your blog readers.
I love that part< "If it becomes true fact,"...

Next up, "HoosierArmyMom":
Since this is exactly the sort of thing that gives credence to Arizona’s case and make MaObama’s minions, especially that communist troll Eric Holder, look like utter idiots, the liberal media can be counted on to keep this quiet, but you are right to tread lightly. It is good that we can count on you Fred, to do the leg work, research and get to the truth.

I await further details. I’m proud to be a reader of your blog and your friend. God Bless Texas and the USA!
Yes indeed, this is "exactly" the sort of thing to make Obama and Eric Holder ("that communist troll"!) look like utter idiots! Especially if it becomes true fact!

Fred chimes in here with (and the bolding is all his, I promise):
I don’t think the *liberal* media is keeping ANYTHING quiet… I am pretty sure that it’s a hoax…

I don’t give a damn WHO the POTUS or AG is, this is HUGE, if it’s real, there’s no way in hell even Olberdouche and Tingles wouldn’t be all over it…

If it is real, and if there has been a *forced* media blackout, the Constitution just became a trash basket liner…
That's a mighty big "IF" there, Fred!

Now we have "Robert" who can't help but think that the story is probably a hoax, so he has JUST the the answer:
I’m thinking hoax as well. I posted as much on my blog. My only question now is WHY? Who benefits? Only one answer.

Liberal so-called journalists would benefit from massive hysteria and mexico bashing that would be happening if this were true. The MSM would then be pointing to this instant as a reason to “Regulate” the blogsphere. As of right now if this incident truly is a HOAX then it’s a huge fail for the MSM and their liberpuke journalists.

I suggest we do not let this story die, I want to know who was behind it if it is proven fake. The good folks in Loredo PD deserve to know who is responsible for the extra work they have had to do. How many LEGITIMATE calls didn’t get through because of this? How many folks didn’t get help as soon as they should have because of this? WE SHOULD DEMAND ANSWERS.
And "Alwaysonwatch" is quick to run with Robert's meme:
believe that the mainstream media is desperate enough to bait us so as to discredit us later.

The “professional journalists” love to make fun of us bloggers. Of course, it is we bloggers who are publishing THE FACTS about Obama and others who are undermining our nation. If the mainstream media can discredit us in any way, they will.

Good post, Fred!
Heckuvajob, Fred!

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